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Imagining Possibilities with You — Live, thrive, and age in community!

UPLIFT Florida Network (UPLIFT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its mission is to improve the well-being of individuals and communities via a network of villages and organizations supporting them. UPLIFT is designed to connect people, activities, and resources to enrich our lives while maintaining our health and well-being as we age – and we are all aging. 

Villages are community-based organizations supported by neighbors helping neighbors—connecting for fun, freedom, caring, sharing, and confidence.  UPLIFT is a member of the Village to Village Network, a community of more than 300 villages nationwide.

UPLIFT has three primary goals to achieve our vision:


UPLIFT’s Hub & Spoke Model — A New and Innovative Model


A significant economic and social shift is on the horizon – Florida expects 6.6 million adults 65 years and older by 2030. As people live longer, we see an increasing desire to belong to a community and connect to activities and resources that maintain their health and well-being. UPLIFT has created an innovative hub-and-spoke model of community care with a solution to meeting the needs of this rapidly growing demographic.

UPLIFT provides management services such as governance and infrastructure and innovative approaches to its network of villages.

With the hub and spoke model, UPLIFT achieves the following:

  • Facilitates more successful village startups by reducing the time and challenges of starting a village
  • Strengthens financial stability by expanding institutional and stable funding sources available to villages
  • Addresses the social determinants of health by helping people age in place with support services (transportation, grocery shopping, and so on)
  • Minimizes the barriers to accessible and affordable services
  • Reaches underserved and diverse populations
  • Innovates new strategies and approaches
  • Leverages volunteerism by engaging volunteers of all ages and generations.
  • Amplifies our voice in advocacy as a statewide network

By cultivating and expanding a network of dynamic and inclusive villages, UPLIFT expands its impact by increasing the number of people, organizations, and communities served.

Join our community as a volunteer, strategic partner, sponsor, or donor and stay connected through our newsletters and events.

Let’s create a better future together!