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How We Help


UPLIFT Florida Network supports people, organizations, and communities by promoting growth, sustainability, and inclusion by fostering the formation of villages in Florida communities. UPLIFT’s hub-and-spoke model provides a vehicle to knit together resources and strategies to create economies of scale, access new revenue sources, implement best practices, and increase capacity through collaboration and alliances. 

Other important functions for UPLIFT include:

  • Connecting existing community assets to villages – health organizations, government agencies, policymakers, other nonprofits, funders, and businesses
  • Promoting innovation in programs and services – such as intergenerational programs and volunteers that address loneliness and social isolation for all age groups 
  • Developing partnerships that leverage our network of villages – such as testing new technology and engaging with researchers to study aging and health equity
  • Disseminating information and connections beyond the village – a value highlighted during the pandemic          

UPLIFT also offers programs to the entire population to address community needs, and expand its reach and revenue opportunities.                                                       

As the village movement engages in a national conversation to “reimagine villages,” UPLIFT has the opportunity to play a vital role in the creation of and access to villages in Florida as well as advancing the next generation of the nation’s village movement by fulfilling three primary roles:

    • Supporting villages by providing the 501(c)(3), governance, website, and back-office and by supporting launch and village operations
    • Building networks by creating relationships to strengthen services for community members
    • Innovating by exploring new strategies, revenue sources, services delivery systems, and alliances and by offering programs to the population at large

UPLIFT is built on the values of collaboration, equity, excellence, inclusion, and innovation. By analyzing and continuing improvement our new model of community care, UPLIFT has great potential to influence the future of all Floridians for years to come by making Florida a healthier, more equitable place to age that is cost-effective for all.