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Our Vision, Mission, and Values


UPLIFT Florida Network’s vision and mission are based on a strong national body of research that demonstrates that people who live longer, healthier lives have close relationships with their neighbors and continually find new purpose as they age. These studies also emphasize the interdependence across generations.

UPLIFT strives to be an agile and innovative organization to achieve its mission.

Reimagining Villages


To help individuals thrive in community, UPLIFT is reimagining villages as inclusive communities of belonging. We seek to promote intergenerational communities, create opportunities to teach and learn, give and receive support, experience belonging, and equally access resources. 

While sharing UPLIFT’s approach, wide affirmation has been received from multiple stakeholders – governmental agencies, community and aging-oriented organizations, payors, and philanthropic organizations – that UPLIFT's innovative approach can transform community care for older adults statewide across the socioeconomic spectrum. Other votes of confidence come from leaders in the national village movement. Further, the existing Florida villages have all become Associate Members of UPLIFT.

UPLIFT supports community-based villages and organizations to fulfill people’s needs and aspirations.