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UPLIFT Florida Network’s team spent a lot of time researching the challenges and opportunities regarding the development and operation of villages. Challenges include limited funding sources, many are entirely volunteer-supported, many start-ups never launch, and the creation of individual villages can take 2 to 3 years.

UPLIFT sees the possibility to be a vehicle that brings innovations that magnifies the neighbors-helping-neighbor’s essence of villages to benefit all individuals and communities across age, race, ethnicity, class, and geographies.

"UPLIFT's villages are a new model of community care designed to improve health, reduce social isolation, and help people age in place. UPLIFT reimagines the 20-year national village movement – building on its strength of volunteers creating communities of belonging and correcting weaknesses such as limited sustainability, professional support, and reach in underserved areas.

Our innovative approaches advance the capacities of UPLIFT to scale and magnify impact in the following ways:

By serving as a hub organization…

UPLIFT provides strength and flexibility to its network of volunteer-driven villages, supporting sustainability with centralized administrative functions and economies of scale, allowing villages to focus on the core mission of improving health and well-being.

By being professionally-driven, but volunteer-powered…

UPLIFT supports the growth and impact of volunteer-led villages with best practices, innovative programs, and expansion in underserved areas.

By forming strategic alliances…

UPLIFT lowers barriers to services and care through statewide public and private sector strategic partners not possible for an individual village.

By developing diverse revenue streams…

UPLIFT opens opportunities not possible for individual villages to provide financial sustainability.

By evaluation…

UPLIFT measures effectiveness and outcomes, because funders want strong evidence of the effectiveness of villages.

By being an advocate…

UPLIFT amplifies our voice in advocacy for aging.

By offering innovative programs…

UPLIFT develops programs that foster community connectivity, promote healthy living, and provide additional revenue.

An example of an innovative program is CallConnect, UPLIFT’s safe, friendly calling program that facilitates connections among community members who would enjoy regular social calls. 

As a forward looking-organization, UPLIFT collaborates and supports adults to live more purposeful, productive, and satisfying lives within their communities.