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"We see our efforts strengthening and expanding the network of services already supporting individuals in our communities. We believe that UPLIFT Florida Network’s role will be positive and complimentary, fortifying our capacity to thrive as we age.” 
– Emile Gauvreau, UPLIFT Board President

UPLIFT is a statewide organization designed to contribute to the diverse ecosystem improving the well-being of individuals aging in community via a network of villages and strategic partners.

To achieve our mission, UPLIFT connects and collaborates with various individuals and organizations to contribute to a stronger system of services and structures that advance our community members’ capacity to thrive in community.

UPLIFT also creates and supports a network of existing and start-up villages. Existing villages that are part of the network receive ongoing management services, which provide strategic decisions, strong partnerships, stable operations and financial footing, and inclusivity.

Join the network and benefit from communities of belonging, engagement, and volunteerism if you are:

  • An individual interested in creating a village in your community
  • An organization wanting to add a village component to your operations

UPLIFT is committed to supporting existing villages and villages in formation to promote living more purposeful, productive, and satisfying lives among all individuals and communities.


Learn more about the village formation process by contacting us at