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Sponsorships enable UPLIFT Florida Network to increase our impact across our communities.

Through sponsorship, your organization or business can benefit from:

  • Increased visibility to a targeted audience with an interest in the products and services you provide
  • Stronger name recognition among consumers, professionals, and business leaders
  • Enhanced credibility through association with a nonprofit organization that provides a wide variety of services to its members
  • Broader recognition of your personal commitment to the community from your colleagues, customers, and peers

A village or individual participating in a village can also be sponsored!

Let us know if you would like to sponsor a specific village, event, or program. We are happy to work with you, your organization, or business for events and programs such as fundraisers, volunteer service days, sports events, team-building activities, publications, cookbooks, or calendars.

Check the sponsorships box when filling out our contact form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the possibilities with you.

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