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Volunteer for UPLIFT Florida Network



“Many hands make light work. Whether you’re analytical or creative, we have a place for you to contribute!” 
Cynthia Ayris Kemp, UPLIFT Board President

UPLIFT Florida Network is professionally-driven but volunteer-powered. We are fueled by dedicated individuals contributing their time, resources, and expertise to move our mission forward and address community members' needs and aspirations.

As a volunteer for UPLIFT, you have the opportunity to:

  • Shape a village network that will work for all of us
  • Use your skills and expertise among people who will appreciate them and reciprocate
  • Help create your own village
  • Belong to a community that cares and supports one another


Support UPLIFT Florida Network in the following ways:

  • Administrative and office support to have a successful and efficient organization
  • Communications and marketing to share our stories, ideas, and voice to our audience
  • Fundraising to support UPLIFT’s management services and programs and ensure financial stability
  • IT support to access, store and manage important data
  • Networking and outreach to build beneficial relationships, exchange information, and widen our network

Take the first step to become an UPLIFT volunteer. Apply here.